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Behavioral Health Services

Doctor and PatientAt the University of Miami Hospital Department of Behavioral Health Services, we offer you or your loved ones (18 years and older) comprehensive, multidisciplinary behavioral health services. Our staff is dedicated to providing the finest care in a warm comfortable environment.

The wide choice of programs available allows each patient to receive the level of services which will best suit their individual needs.

Your physician directs your care through multidisciplinary team conferences and day-to-day communication with the University of Miami Hospital staff. You will find an overall willingness on the part of the staff to listen and do their utmost to meet the needs of both the patient and the physician.

Our Philosophy

University of Miami Hospital Behavioral Health Services supports the philosophy that every patient is a unique individual with specific and unique needs.

Psychiatric Admissions and Intake Referral Center

The Psychiatric Admission and Intake Referral Center coordinates patient admissions. New patients are screened for seriousness of conditions to determine the level of services needed. The Center also conducts psychiatric evaluations of emergency room patients and referral screenings of medical or surgical hospital patients, when requested. The Center is opened on a 24 hour-7 days a week basis; for a free initial assessment, please call (305) 689-4444.

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