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International Patients

International patient


Each year, thousands of people from around the world arrive in the vibrant tropical city of Miami to receive leading-edge health care at UHealth – University of Miami Health System, one of the world’s finest academic medical centers.

For patients from the Bahamas and other nearby destinations who require transfer to University of Miami Hospital and Clinics for certain types of advanced medical care, the Hospital is equipped with a helipad, ensuring that you receive the treatment you need in a timely manner.

During your transfer, our team will be in constant contact with the transfer service, then meet your helicopter right on the pad so that needed care can begin immediately upon your arrival.

The University of Miami Hospital and Clinics helipad transfer service is not for trauma cases, but for those patients who need immediate care in the following specialties:

• Cardiothoracic surgery
• Interventional cardiology – such as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
• Non-trauma neurosurgery
• Non-trauma orthopaedics and sports medicine
• Stroke – University of Miami Hospital Clinics is a site for a phase 2 clinical trial of a revolutionary treatment for ischemic stroke derived from a patient’s own bone marrow stem cells.

International patients interested in services offered by University of Miami Hospital and Clinics can learn more at www.uhealthinternational.com. For patient transfers to University of Miami Hospital And Clinics, please call our dedicated patient transfer number 24/7 at 305-243-9100.