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Nursing at University of Miami Hospital and Clinics

Message from the CNO

Our nurses form the heart of our health care delivery in the proud ‘Cane nursing tradition. Did you know that the prestigious group that created the Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing (2011) was led by the University of Miami’s President, Dr. Donna Shalala and included a University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies faculty member, Dr. Rosa Gonzalez Guarda.

What is the role of a nurse? Whether the nurse approaches each patient with a caring attitude (Jean Watson), puts them in the best environment for healing to occur (Florence Nightingale), or modifies the stimuli to facilitate their successful adaptation to their physiological and social challenges (Sr. Calista Roy) at UMH, we believe the nurse is practicing a time honored art and science. At UMH nurses blend the art and science with technology and practice in a technologically advanced care system where we use data from these systems to guide our practice decisions and enhance the efficiency of our care delivery.

We recognize that hospitals across the nation are grappling with the fact that the world of health care as we have known it has changed. There is much uncertainty, as we are moving into a world where we will be paid, not fee based, but value based and diagnosis related. From many insurers, including the Federal Government (ACA, Medicare), hospitals, including ours, are receiving a flat fee to care for patients with a diagnosis, no matter how many tests the patient requires, or how long they remain in the hospital. In addition, under valued based purchasing, a portion of the revenue due the hospital is held back; the hospital can “earn” all or a part this portion back, based on the hospital’s performance on quality (core measures) and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) scores. Most sources agree that the organizations that will prosper in this new reality are those organizations that are nimble and able to launch new initiatives and change directions rapidly. This new reality offers an exciting opportunity for nurses; at UMH we are leading our nurses to follow in the steps of Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Dix and Lillian Wald. These nursing icons responded to a health care delivery system need- for soldiers on the battlefield (Nightingale), for the mentally ill (Dix) and for immigrants coming to New York City (Wald). At UMH nurses have the opportunity to follow in the path of Nightingale, Dix and Wald as we rethink our nursing care delivery system.

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