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Preparing for Surgery (UPAC)

UPAC Locations & Hours
UPAC validates parking at no charge, so please be sure to bring your ticket to the clinic. University of Miami Hospital and Clinics will honor parking garage rates for those disabled patrons who choose to use the valet service.

All patients who are scheduled to have surgery or a procedure requiring anesthesia are required to have an evaluation prior to the procedure to ensure optimal preparation for that procedure. UPAC is a centralized preoperative clinic for patients undergoing surgery at University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics (UMHC)/Sylvester. Staffed by Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Internal Medicine Physicians, UPAC utilizes the most up-to-date testing options available to ensure that you will proceed to your scheduled surgery without delay and with the best possible outcomes.
Based on your medical history, your doctor’s office will assist in directing you to the medically appropriate evaluation. The information gathered during the evaluation will be used to make sure you are in the best physical condition possible to undergo surgery. Your anesthesiologist will use this information to plan for the type of anesthesia you will receive.

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